Module Gsl_error

module Gsl_error: sig .. end
Error reporting

val version : string
version of GSL library

type errno =
| CONTINUE (*iteration has not converged*)
| EDOM (*input domain error, e.g sqrt(-1)*)
| ERANGE (*output range error, e.g. exp(1e100)*)
| EFAULT (*invalid pointer*)
| EINVAL (*invalid argument supplied by user*)
| EFAILED (*generic failure*)
| EFACTOR (*factorization failed*)
| ESANITY (*sanity check failed - shouldn't happen*)
| ENOMEM (*malloc failed*)
| EBADFUNC (*problem with user-supplied function*)
| ERUNAWAY (*iterative process is out of control*)
| EMAXITER (*exceeded max number of iterations*)
| EZERODIV (*tried to divide by zero*)
| EBADTOL (*user specified an invalid tolerance*)
| ETOL (*failed to reach the specified tolerance*)
| EUNDRFLW (*underflow*)
| EOVRFLW (*overflow*)
| ELOSS (*loss of accuracy*)
| EROUND (*failed because of roundoff error*)
| EBADLEN (*matrix, vector lengths are not conformant*)
| ENOTSQR (*matrix not square*)
| ESING (*apparent singularity detected*)
| EDIVERGE (*integral or series is divergent*)
| EUNSUP (*requested feature is not supported by the hardware*)
| EUNIMPL (*requested feature not (yet) implemented*)
| ECACHE (*cache limit exceeded*)
| ETABLE (*table limit exceeded*)
| ENOPROG (*iteration is not making progress towards solution*)
| ENOPROGJ (*jacobian evaluations are not improving the solution*)
| ETOLF (*cannot reach the specified tolerance in F*)
| ETOLX (*cannot reach the specified tolerance in X*)
| ETOLG (*cannot reach the specified tolerance in gradient*)
| EOF (*end of file*)
exception Gsl_exn of (errno * string)
val init : unit -> unit
val uninit : unit -> unit
val strerror : errno -> string
val string_of_errno : errno -> string
val pprint_exn : exn -> string
val handle_exn : ('a -> 'b) -> 'a -> 'b